Otter Magic
  • Otter Magic


    Looking across to Patch. A patch of Patch. This is such a fab place for rock pools and crabs - we have even been licky enough to see an otter here! Magic!



    This little one is a 20x20cm canvas, in oils and framed.

    All Originals are framed and ready for your wall.

    • You can reserve a painting & a pay in different ways! 
      As well as the options to order & pay online, you can opt to purchase a painting by paying in instalments for the piece you want - woohoo!
      All you need to is pop me a message/email/call so I can reserve the painting for you & then we can chat through the details.
      Please let me know a.s.a.p  - so that I can mark it reserved for you, and you get in before someone else.
      You can also reserve then collect & pay at the end of the exhibition (deposit required).
      Payment options include: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card online or in person, BACS bank transfer or Cash (I cannot accept cheques)


      If you're finding it hard to decide let me know! I can send you a video tour of any of the works you are interested in.
      So you can see it from different angles and really see the details in the work and be mesmerised.


      Prints for some of these originals will become available at a later date - if you have any special interest in a particular painting that you would like a print of, I can sort that out for you! I hand make, including the printing, all my paper and canvas prints and frames. I can also offer custom sizes for prints, and all my prints are now being hand finished/embellised to create a unique piece.


      All Originals are always supplied framed and ready to hang on your wall


      Make a purchase in peace of mind.
      Once you buy a piece and get it home on the wall, you can relax! In the knowledge that if you change your mind within the next month (28 days) you could change your mind and I will offer you an exchange, credit or refund.

      Always get in touch with me if you have any questions!