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A bit about me
Chloe Elliott Schmid

I love to paint.

Being creative is my main drive, I think about painting and creating all the time.

I have always wanted to be an artist.

I am one of those who has always know this, and despite always painting or creating in someway, relentlessly drawn to it, I always made excuses, that is until summer 2020. Life took an unexpected turn with the global pandemic - I was suddenly offered a bit of time with no commitments on it, then the following summer when we could - I was offered the opportunity to join an exhibition with my Artist Mother ( and it turned out to be a sell out show!! 

I am still so overwhelmed by this, it has given me proof positive that this is the direction for me. 



I love the feeling you get when you are outdoors in the woods or looking at the magical mix the sea, sky and land create. You know that feeling when you are just amazed at the natural beauty around you. The sense of joy, happiness, wonder, awe, peace… the emotions these places evoke - I try to paint something that shows those emotions and feelings a place (or person) can bring. 

I paint primarily in oils on canvas or boards; I love to paint woodland and coastal scenes and portraiture in realistic and illustrative styles.




I have worked for over 10 years as a picture framer. I still frame pictures today, but my client list is now fairly exclusive as I can only do so much and my artwork has become a primary focus.


After studying Art & Design for A Levels (and achieving A*) my first job was in an art supply shop (heaven!), while there I was able to paint in the shop during quiet periods, and it was there that I sold my first ever painting and got my first commissions. What a thrill! 

Then I moved on to working in an art gallery, which gave me invaluable experience. A few years later I was lucky enough to get to work at a picture framing studio and when this closed down I wanted to carry on so started my own picture framing business.

I have painted for as long as I can remember, but never often enough, and until 2020 not professionally.  I had finally decided to damn well get on with it, and produce some art (and stop criticising myself about it) to keep developing, creating, learning and stop telling myself I couldn't do it. I have always wanted to be an artist, so I had to consider why wasn't I one yet?



I do hope you enjoy my work.

Chloe x

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