Original Paintings

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Good to know

You can reserve a painting and a pay a different way! 
As well as the options to pay online, you can pay in instalments for the piece you want - woohoo! Pop me a message/email/call and we can chat through the details.
Please let me know a.s.a.p  - so that I can mark it reserved for you, and you get in before someone else.
You can also reserve then pay & collect at the end of the exhibition.


If you're finding it hard to decide let me know! I can send you a video tour of any of the works you are interested in.
So you can see it from different angles and really see the details in the work and be mesmerised.


Prints for some of these originals will become available at a later date - if you have any special interest in a particular painting that you would like a print of, I can sort that out for you! I hand make, including the printing, all my paper and canvas prints and frames.


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