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PAINTINGS GIVEAWAY starting on the 12th November

Lately I have felt supremely inspired, so I have decided to give away FIVE original paintings! Yes FIVE!

Painting brings me so much joy ~ it feels indescribably good to me to get caught-up in a dream-like place while I'm painting ~ and I would like to spread the joy. If you enjoy my work then I am so glad you are here. If I can generate good feelings for anyone through my work then I have done what intended and now I have even more happiness in my basket and may need to give away more paintings!

Each Sunday for 5 weeks, I will post a different painting on my social media (Facebook and instagram and here in my blog), which you could have the opportunity to take home.

For you to take part, all I really ask from you is for you -

  • to either share my post on facebook/instagram, or tag a friend in the comments who think would like my work,

  • and subscribe to my mailing list on my website (a link to this is at the bottom/footer of any page on my website)

  • AND perhaps most importantly let me and other know what brings you joy!

A subscription to my mailing list gets you an automatic entry. The only condition to receiving one of these paintings is that you may need to pay for postage if you are not local to my studio to collect or receive delivery.

I will post the painting for the first draw, this Sunday the 12th of November at 15:15pm. You have the next two days to "enter" into the draw and I will announce who will be taking one home on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

I cant wait to get these paintings out to you!

I am just happy you are here.

Love and Kindness xx chloe xx

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Stunning colours and beautiful themes.

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