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Dedicated Gallery Space

I'm working hard on a dedicated gallery space to welcome visitors at my home studio, in a little cabin directly next door to my studio. Its taking a bit of time to get it all re-painted and cleared out, mostly because I always seem to find something else just as important to do!

I started it in August and now somehow it is November already!?

I chose a dark grey paint for the new gallery space, as I wanted to match the colour of my studio & workshop - that feels nice and neat, and I love a bit of matching-y-ness. I have completed painting two sides of the out side of the cabin, but now I feel the weather is a little bit too much on the wet side to continue, for a time. So on to the inside!

We have a few tasks left to do to get the space ready - find new homes for all the stuff inside the cabin. Mostly its things like camping equipment, packaging, scuba diving stuff, kids bikes and out door toys and a bit of furniture... haha so not much that we have been keeping in there!

Then it will be on to the task of cleaning down and re-painting the inside... so just a bit more to do.

I was secretly hoping to get it ready for December this year but I'm thinking is may be very very optimistic even for me. So perhaps it will be a spring ready venture.

I thought it might be interesting for you to see a few photos of the progress and watch the (slow) transformation.

~ ooops! I was also covered in paint

~ Started painting the front here. You can see it was orange ~

The new Gallery will be a home to host my available work (that is not off travelling to other shows or exhibitions) as well as the work of a few other artists. It's not a huge space, but there will certainly be plenty to see on your visit!

The Gallery will be open when I am working from my studio, which is usually most days of the week, Mon-Fri 9.30-5pm. Visits will also be welcome by 'appointment' - just let me know you would like to visit to make sure I am about!

There will be stock of cards and prints to view as well as the original paintings in all sizes, and you can pop in to the studio/workshop to see where I work too. I look forward to welcoming you!

I will add more photos here soon ...

Thanks for being here with me.


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